Indpendent Freight Solutions for the Nordic Market


CargoNordic Logistics AB was founded 1996 by people that have another philosophy of freight business than the global freight forwarders that have made the global cargo business a rationalized production line with massive overhead costs.

As an independent freight forwarder we create cargo solutions with co-loading possibilities that are in the forefront of the development in the Nordic and Baltic forwarding industry.

Our experienced handpicked staff has been building long term relationship with leading airlines, ocean carriers and trucking companies for decades which will secure dependable, flexible and cost efficient solutions regardless of mode of transportation.

CargoNordic Logistics AB offers a wide range of cargo solutions by ocean-, air- and roadtransport.

Our logistics centers handle warehousing, order administration and pick and pack.

We offer our partners export, import, cross-trading, sea-air and courier service worldwide.

CargoNordic Logistics AB is recommended by airlines and global forwarders for the ability to create unique freight solutions worldwide.

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CargoNordic Logistics AB is an independent Nordic agent with imports and exports covering the whole Nordic area. It offers partners a full range of transport services such as sea freight, air freight, rail freight and trucking. With terminals, storing and distribution CargoNordic Logistics AB has a complete spectrum of logistics services.